SockItToMe Entertainment

Thanks to everyone who helped us accomplish so much!

Laura Pierson - Hula Hoop

Crys Darling - Dancer

Janaan al-Jahanni - Dancer

the Open Heart Creatures:

Heidi Kambitsch

Laura Pierson

Lottie Brewer

Eric Nassau

Courtney Riley

Eleah Castle

Dairdre Scriven

Alexander Hatter

Aidan Kai Seufert

Matthew R Dyer

Jim Coe

Zoe Buyalos

Katie Jeffery

Angela Weixel

Rashay Layman

Special thanks to:

Suzie Simpson & everyone at the Stonewall Center on High for all their love & support for so many years, and the use of their most wonderful buildings & roofs.

Rob Chrisman & Pat Dowdy at the Lazy Chameleon in Powell for their help recording sound & video at our live shows.

Mike & everyone at Jordan Sound for letting us tap into their sound feed at Pride & Comfest.

Edited by Raquel Robinson

Fifty Five Media Productions

Produced by Nicole Rachelle

SockItToMe Entertainment

Raquel Robinson - Production Assistant

Andrew Davis - Sound Mixer

Ricky Borgia - Sound Mixer

Mike Jordan - Sound Mixer
Jordan Sound

Pat Dowdy - Sound Mixer
the Lazy Chameleon

David Walsh - Utility Sound Technician

Latisha Walker - Camera Operator
Tease Me Entertainment

Kevin Pica - Camera Operator

Raquel Robinson - Camera Operator

Blake Quincel - Camera Operator

Russell Satori - Camera Operator

Marc Archuleta - Camera Operator

Craig Felumee - Photography

Ricky Borgia - Photography

David Heasley - Photography
Cover Photography

Craig Bortmas - Photography
Bortmas Photo

Brian Hockensmith - Photography
B Hockensmith Photography

Andrew Samis - Photography
Samis Studios

Sean Goodman - Photography
Oldbolt Studio

Kendra Nyce - Photography
Nyce Shot Photography

Jeff Cleveland - Photography

Maria Celestino - Photography

Rachel Andrews - Photography

David Walsh - Photography

Ray LaVoie - Photography

Jerry Rhodes - Photography

David Walsh - Grip

David Endry - Grip

Herbert Buckel - Grip

Kevin Wallick - Grip

Bob Damnit - Security

Vlad Khr - IT Consulting

John Herman - IT Consulting

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